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Volunteers help recycle donated computers

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 English with confidence

A successful, informal way of using tutor led group work and online language learning software to help non-English speakers integrate into the wider community.

 Training courses

We are a UKonline centre and accredited by AIM Awards. We work with Leicester and South Leicestershire colleges to offer a range of informal and accredited courses

 Digital Champions

We are looking for volunteers to help us deliver courses to help people understand the basics of using a computer. Get in touch with us for further details

Strike Out project

Vocational courses that help young people who have difficulty accessing mainstream education provision to overcome their barriers to learning. 


Following a consultation exercise with De Montfort University the Cooke e-Learning Foundation is now trading as E2.

E2online is based at two different venues iBeaumont Leys, where we provide off site vocational provision for Key Stage 4 students from local schools, IT training for local residents and a variety of informal courses to help unemployed people seek work and improve their skills. We can also give advice to community groups and local peole to help them get online and ways to help their childrento use the internet safely for learning at home.



We are working with our European partner, IES Abastos in Valencia, Spain, providing work experience for two of their students who have come to the United Kingdom on the ERASMUS scheme. They will be working with us for three months to gain more experience in computers/networks and teaching. Manuel and Jorge are final year university students who are keen to work in the I.T. and teaching sectors. Manuel is enjoying his time in the UK “I am delighted with my placement at the Cooke e-Learning Foundation so far, because I have been able to work with new people as well as fix computers and install operating systems, I am very pleased that the charity offered me a position to work alongside tutors on their Strike Out project which teaches children vocational education in catering and functional skills”. Strike Out is the charity’s alternative education project that works with behaviourally challenged young people from across Leicester. Jorge said he likes coming to Cooke e-Learning because “No day is the same as there are new issues and problems to fix everyday in the charity’s IT classrooms. Since coming to Cooke I am becoming more independent and confident, learning new skills and this is such valuable work experience for me”.

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